10 Cheery Nail Design Ideas To Get Into the Holiday Spirit 

1. Holly Berry Pink 

Introduce the holiday season in style with a small amount of holly berry on pink. Metallic red nail polish was an ingenious touch by Lindsey Cunningham.

2. Peppermint and Snowflake

As the holiday season approaches, peppermint manis and mochas are served. What a stunning pair of manicures designed by Emma Cole!

3. Green With Sparkle

An exquisite Christmas nail design does not necessarily require intricacy. Sparkly green ends are sufficient to establish the ambiance. One nail in this particularly amusing manicure by Heavenly Nails,

4. Snowflake Press On Nails From Amazon 

Short Square Fake Nails with Snowflake Press-on Designs Pale blue-green hue Medium Glitter Full Cover Acrylic False Nails Christmas Winter Nail Glue for Girls and Women 24Pcs

5. Winter Neutral Sparkle Nails From Amazon

Square Short Christmas Press-on Fake Nails Pink False Nails With Snowflake Designs Acrylic Glitter Full Cover Stick-on Nails Artificial Winter Christmas Nails Adhesive Nails for Females 24Pcs

6. Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Using hues of green, fashion an outdoor Christmas scene on your nails. The icy polka-dot light green serves as an ideal backdrop to a trio of darker pine trees.

7. A Blue Christmas 

While we sincerely wish you an opulent Christmas, a hint of blue nail polish could be a lovely complement to the glitz and glamour. By alternating with neutral patterns, the overall ensemble is imbued with a truly festive essence.

8. Glittery Red Christmas Nails

Christmas manicures in red are an absolute safe bet. Glitter, on the other hand, elevates the effect even further and induces a festive disposition.

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