10 Chic Purple Nail Art Designs: Violet Tips to Lilac Croc Print  

With a gorgeous shade of violet nail polish, you can add your own spin on the hourglass nail art trend, which is popular with celebrities like as Kourtney Kardashian Barker.  

Pretty purple  

This fairytale-inspired set, painted in a beautiful purple palette and including 3D textures and butterflies, may be the prettiest way to represent the color.  

2 Tips with 3D  

If you don't want to go all out with your manicure, try some neutral "mannequin nails" with a tiny violet dot on each tip instead.  

3. Minimal Violet Dots  

With these extra-long, coffin-shaped French nails topped with dazzling fuchsia lacquer, you can let your manicure take center stage.  

4 glittering Frenchies  

Chrome nails are still very popular, and you can wear them with any color of the rainbow — but you have to admit that they look really good in purple.  

5) Purple Chrome  

amethyst-inspired take on aura nails adds a mystical touch to the trend, which is simple to replicate at home.  

6. Amethyst Aura  

This watercolor-inspired manicure is a show-stopping masterpiece. Simply select a handful of your favorite violet colors for a creative nail art creation.  

7. Royal Purple Watercolor  

Faded ombré accents, V-shaped French tips, and bedazzled rhinestone cuffs elevate this brilliant fuchsia manicure.  

8 Luxurious Details.  

These double-lined accents in two separate lavender tones will provide unexpected color and dimension to a French tip manicure.  

9) Double-Lined Frenchies  

Minimalist tiny French tips have also gained popularity. When you replace the standard white nail polish with a brilliant purple, you get an even more unusual combination.  

10 Neon Purple Micro Tips.  

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