10 Gem Nail Looks with Sparkle and Drama 

We love to adorn our hands with jewels, so extending the sparkle to our nails is a natural next step. 

Celebrity nail stylist Gina Edwards created this gorgeous look for Sergio Hudson's fall 2024 show using KISS press-ons as the base.  

"This was done for Priah Ferguson, attending a Summer Miu Miu event," says Chue. "We used the gems [play off of] her studded dress which tied in beautifully." 

"This was my first time using ORLY Builder in a Bottle ($29) to adhere gems to my nails," says Hanna. "It worked like a dream and ever since then, this is how I have been adhering 3D nail art to my nails." 

This nail tip design features a cluster of different-sized pink, purple, and silver gems on a milky white base. It yields a fun, hyper-feminine look. 

These nails go hard, featuring literal belly button rings as the gems. The rings are attached through holes in the nail, cementing the pierced effect. 

The pinky is the star of this gem nail design by Edwards. It's covered in silver gems on a silvery base and complemented by milky nude nails with gems and a single French tip. 

This look features gems as cherries on a pink French tip for a cutesy cherry manicure. 

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