2024 baby name forecasts indicate that parents are choosing "timeless charm" over "cute."

Choosing a baby name is tough; parents often change their minds. This year, "grown-up" names are in, per Pamela Redmond of Nameberry. 

Name trends for 2024: sophisticated, timeless choices like Arthur and Georgina. Earthy and airy names are rising, along with unisex options like Cleo and Willow. 

Vintage names are back, seen in Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's pick, Betty. Expect Cedric, Dolores, Marjorie to make a comeback. 

Colleen Slagen notes older names offer timeless charm, uniqueness, and familiarity, appealing to parents seeking standout yet fitting choices. 

In 2024, parents favor modern yet personally significant names, moving away from overly cute options. 

Classic names like Sylvia and Arthur are trendy, while earthy and musical-inspired names gain popularity for boys. 

Vintage names, including Betty, are making a comeback, reflecting parents' desire for both uniqueness and familiarity. 

Slagen's research highlights a return to basics, as parents seek names with timeless charm and the right balance of standing out and fitting in. 

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