2024 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper, Field Yates release Mini-Mock Draft 2.0 ahead of NFL Combine

 A miniature model of the 2024 NFL Draft was released by ESPN's Mel Kiper and Field Yates prior to the scouting combine.  

 Although the Mock Draft 2.0 is not yet complete, the first 12 selections revealed some expert-recommended modifications.  

 Yates had the odd-numbered picks and Kiper had the even-numbered picks for this experiment.  

 Nothing changes here; this has been the overall consensus for many mock drafts.   

 Williams offers the Bears an opportunity to start over as the best quarterback available in the draft.  

 Williams is selected with this choice, replacing Justin Fields, a former first-round pick.   

 At this point, it's difficult to imagine a situation in which this doesn't happen.  

 Kiper isn't wavering in his belief that Daniels should start at quarterback two in this draft. 

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