3 players the 49ers could sign to an extension this offseason

 The San Francisco 49ers and other cap-strapped clubs could benefit from the nearly $30 million rise in salary cap, which was announced by the NFL on Friday.  

 There is still a chance that the team will ask a few players to modify their contracts. As Isaiah Oliver discovered,,,

 there's also a risk that certain players on the roster will be cap casualties.  

 An further method of creating cap space is to extend players. Let's review a few Niners players who could be considered for extensions.  

 Spotrac laid out the parameters for Aiyuk's possible extension back in November.   

 Over the course of four years, his average compensation was about $20.03 million per season.  

 By keeping the 26-year-old on, San Francisco would save $10.39 million by 2024.  

 It would have made more sense to give Mooney an extension if the cap hadn't soared so much.  

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