46-year-old Tom Brady's 40-yard sprint beats combine time. 

Tom Brady's 40-yard sprint at the 2000 NFL Scouting Combine is one that very few people will ever forget.

The quarterback fell to selection No. 199 in the draft as a result of the NFL legend's Average Joe performance on that particular day. 

The former Patriots great is sprinting even faster now at 46 years old than he did when he was a 22-year-old draft prospect.  

Brady uploaded a video of himself sprinting the 40 yards on Thursday. 

When compared to his 2000 Combine performance, it is evident that the seven-time Super Bowl champion's athleticism has improved significantly over the past 24 years.  

Compared to 5.28 at the combine, he recorded a 5.12 in the footage.  

Brady recently declared that his Brady Brand and NOBULL shoes and clothes would be joining forces to form a single, new company. 

He chose, of course, to run his 40 yards in the NOBULL shoes. He added, "Sub 5.00 next year," to his post. In response to the video, say "Level up."  

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