5 Seaside Style Interior Design Traits  

Select a Natural Color Scheme  

The first step to a coastal-inspired style is choosing a palette you like, which doesn't have to be blues and greens.   

Choose cotton, linen, jute, and rattan.  

2024 coastal design is about refinement and a sensory coastal vibe. Visuals and touch matter.   

Bring Nature In  

She says we are all drawn to sunshine, water, and nature—the things that define coastal style—because they make us happy at our core.  

See Beauty in Symmetry 

"Public rooms had large openings between them and the windows/doors on one side of the house had the same on the other, so breezes flowed into and out of the house easily."  

Choose and arrange furniture for airiness  

While many of us can't build a house from scratch, using this design approach with a room-to-breathe mindset can change your furniture layout to feel coastal.   

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