5 Things to Watch in the Texas Super Tuesday Primary  

Texas has one of the most valuable Super Tuesday prizes, with 161 delegates up for grabs in the Republican primary.  

Former President Donald Trump and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley have lately campaigned in the state, with Trump visiting the Mexican border last week and Haley holding rallies in two major cities on Monday.  

Texas is notable for its sheer size and expansion: it is the second most populated state in the US,   

It also contains about half of the United States-Mexico border, at a time when immigration is a prominent concern among Americans. 

MORE: Immigration emerging as significant 2024 election wedge issue for Trump; vulnerability for Biden.

According to 538's polling average, Trump leads Haley in Texas by more than 68 points, putting the former president in position to significantly enhance his delegate advantage. In Texas, a candidate who wins more than half of the primary vote receives all 161 delegates.   

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