6 hidden NFL free agents that can improve any club.  

The NFL free agency negotiation session begins on March 11, and the majority of the top free agents will be signed early in the process.   

However, NFL clubs are built not only around top players, but also on team depth.   

Every time the Super Bowl trophy is raised, we discuss the unsung heroes of the winning teams, and this is where these role players are discovered and signed.  

On defence, Autry is a bonafide hellraiser. In three years with the Titans, he recorded 28.5 sacks and 30 tackles for loss, but his effect extends across the defensive line.  

His positional mobility allows him to play on the edge early, but then kick inside in obvious passing situations to open up more fronts and defence blitzes to change the picture.   

He also gets his hands on throws, which is an undervalued aspect of the defensive line  

Since 2021, he has eight batted passes to go along with his sack production, making him a solid all-around secondary defensive lineman next to a star.  

Rankins is another underappreciated defensive tackle in a deep free agent class who might help boost the earnings of a club poised to win the Super Bowl.   

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