8 Front Yard Landscaping Designs to Increase Curb Appeal of Your House

The crisp contours of this garden are accentuated by carefully chosen cultivars.  

Meditative Oasis 

Get ideas for your front yard landscaping project and discover the five secrets to a stunning landscape.  

Front Yard Design Tips 

Subtly curved bushes like cryptomeria and willow maintain a low-key aesthetic throughout the garden.  

Grand and Graceful 

The front yard landscaping's vibrant hues conceal the plants' low maintenance requirements.  

Brilliant Canvas 

When someone drives by, their first impression of your property is your front yard.   

Front Yard Landscaping Secrets 

Any landscape must include a transition between tall plants and groundcovers, and low-maintenance gardens are no exception.  

A Little Nook in the Woods 

A friendly arrangement of annuals and perennials adorns this front yard's slender flower bed.   

Bountiful Bed 

The curved border of this gravel walk demonstrates how hardscape materials add a decorative aspect, while plant shapes and lines provide visual interest.   

The Grass Is Greener 

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