8 metallic nail designs for an edgy, luxurious manicure

Inspired by molten heart tattoos from the 1990s, Rose designed this look.  

‘90s Tattoo 

This look was designed by Edwards for Prabal Gurung's Spring 2024 New York City show.   

Gold Dip 

Over a creamy white background, the design showcases a shimmering pewter motif.  

Molten Lava 

Rose produced abstract silver chrome circles on a milky nude base for a minimalistic yet striking effect.  

Silver Circles 

These nails have a high-impact silver chrome powder coating over 3D gel, giving the impression that they are flowing molten metal.  

Molten Chrome 

The method is the same—3D gel covered in chrome—but rich gold was utilized in place of silver powder.  

Liquid Gold 

This manicure has a milky white base with wavy panes of silver running down the edge of each nail creating a distinctive yet consistent effect.  

Milky Mirror 

This minimalistic pink and gold manicure features a bold squiggle that spans each nail.  

Simple Swirl 

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