A lone orca killed a great white in less than two minutes. Scientists say it could signal an ecological shift

 Since 2017, a pair of orcas have killed great whites along a South African coastline, stealing their nutrient-rich livers and dumping the rest.  

 Researchers have found a surprising new twist in the hunting method that has driven sharks away from some portions of the coast near Cape Town.   

 This may disclose what it means for the marine ecology.  

 Last year, researchers saw Starboard, a male orca, kill a 2.5-meter (8.2-foot) juvenile white shark in two minutes.  

 Over two decades of annual visits to South Africa, I’ve observed the profound impact these killer whales have on the local white shark population.  

 Seeing Starboard carry a white shark’s liver past our vessel is unforgettable,,,

 ,,, said Dr. Primo Micarelli, a marine biologist at Italy’s Sharks Studies

 Centre and the University of Siena who was aboard one of two vessels from which researchers observed the attack.  

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