A Recap of the Elsbeth Series Premiere: Elsbeth's Version of Welcome to New York 

A well-executed spinoff series is excellent. Good for you if you already love the new main character! If you don't,  

 you can still enjoy the show! You may recognize Elsbeth Tascioni from The Good Wife and The Good Fight.   

The U.S. Department of Justice has appointed Chicago lawyer Elsbeth as an outside observer to the NYPD  

As part of a consent decree in a wrongful-arrest complaint against the Major complaint Unit.  

 Elsbeth, like last year's Poker Face, is a how-and-why-dunit rather than a whodunit, avoiding numerous pilot episode issues.  

 When we know every episode will have plenty of exposition and character introductions, we can overlook clumsy dialogue.  

 Elsbeth solves puzzles by appearing silly. She's the sharpest knife in the block and prone to tangents and random queries  

 Dare not underestimate her. I think her scatterbrained personality makes her a superb lawyer and investigator because her  

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