A Whisker Away: A Guide to Popular Cat Breeds and Their Characteristics 

Ragdoll: Blue-eyed beauty known for fluffy coats and mellow disposition. 

Maine Coon Cat: Gentle giant with sturdy build and friendly, intelligent nature. 

Devon Rex: Fun-loving breed with unique, soft coats and loyal temperament. 

Exotic Shorthair: Squishy and cuddly breed resembling teddy bears, with short, low-maintenance coats. 

Persian: Epitome of feline beauty with long coats requiring regular grooming and calm demeanor. 

British Shorthair: Stocky, plush cats known for hunting skills and sedentary nature. 

Abyssinian: Smart, athletic breed with unique ticked coat and playful demeanor. 

Domestic Non-Pedigreed Cats: Diverse felines with varying personalities and appearances, often found in rescues or as household pets. 

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