ABOVE THE ROCKS That being said, if you can identify the dog in 11 seconds, you have 20/20 vision and a high IQ. 

The image shows a rocky landscape under a blue sky, with subtle hints of tree trunks in the background. 

A cunning canine is hidden somewhere in the scene, trying to avoid returning from his walk. 

Despite the absence of obvious animals, the dog is cleverly concealed amidst the murky grey and brown hues of the picture. 

Here's a clue: the dog is larger than one might initially assume. 

Can you spot him yet? If not, don't worry, the answer is provided below. 

While you search, why not try other puzzles? Find the three pigs without party hats or locate the hidden feline. 

Optical illusions deceive our perception, yet solving them brings satisfaction and stimulates the brain. 

Moreover, these puzzles can enhance eyesight and mental agility, as demonstrated by research from The University of Glasgow and insights from ZenBusiness. 

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