Accidental Deep Ocean Discovery Changes Our Understanding of Earth

 Analyzing a rock is similar to delving into a book. One of the associate scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ,,,

 (WHOI) Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Department, Frieder Klein, claims that the rock has hidden stories.  

 concerning 500 km off the coast of Brazil, in the St. Paul's oceanic transform fault, Klein and colleagues studied rocks from the submerged flanks of the St.   

 These rocks reveal an intriguing and hitherto unknown account concerning sections of the geological carbon cycle.  

 Along with the global mid-ocean ridge system (about 65,000 km) and subduction zones (approximately 55,000 km),,,

,,, transform faults—where tectonic plates slide past each other—make up one of three primary plate boundaries on Earth,  

 each measuring approximately 48,000 km in length.  

 Research on carbon cycling at subduction zones and mid-ocean ridges dates back decades.  

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