According to doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers, you can lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously. 

 You want to lose fat, not muscle, when dieting.  

 I like that you can lose weight and increase muscle at the same time. 

 If you're pleased with your weight, body recomposition—trading fat for muscle while maintaining weight—may intrigue you.  

 “It’s certainly the issue I work on most with clients," says NASM-certified personal trainer Phil Catudal.  

 Focusing on calories and protein is Catudal's best approach—we'll get to that in a minute. 

 Adding muscle while decreasing fat is doable, but not easy.   

 This approach can enhance your metabolism, making it simpler to reach your objectives, says Fatima Cody Stanford, MD,,,

 MPH, MPA, an associate professor of medicine and pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and an obesity medicine physician at Massachusetts General Hospital.  

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