Adherence to traditional gender roles linked to paradoxical sexual dynamics in relationship

 The impact of gender norms and expectations on people's sexual activities in committed relationships has recently been the subject of new research.  

 Research published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy shows that people who strictly conform to gender ,,,

 tend to have less sexual desire but engage in sexual behaviors more frequently.   

 This surprising discovery raises the possibility that gender stereotypes and expectations in society significantly impact our personal relationships.  

 Science has come to understand sexual desire as a two-way street, with each partner's desires having an impact on the other's sexual motivation.  

 Traditional perspectives that mainly see sexual desire as a personal quality,,,

 apart from the social and relational environment, have started to be challenged by this corpus of work.  

 There is a lack of research on how gender roles and other social norms affect people's sexual behaviors and consent in intimate relationships.

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