After 30 Days Using Green Tea Instead of Coffee, I Saw 4 Life-Changing Benefits 

Coffee drinkers, tea drinkers, and green tea drinkers exist as distinct categories. Green tea's uniqueness makes it a delightful hot beverage  

 Still more! I'll share my 30-day green tea journey. I even used my vintage tea cup and saucer to make this new daily routine "extra."  

 I drink coffee and tea. I enjoy latte, cappuccino, and hazelnut iced coffee just like everyone else. I usually drink black tea or matcha lattes  

 I tried green tea as my major caffeine source for 30 days for the first time  

 My morning coffee wakes me up, but at a price. Coffee also makes me tense and worried. After switching to green tea, my mornings were considerably calmer and less stressful. A cup of green tea may have been refreshing due to its scent, flavor, and caffeine content.  


1. I felt less anxious.

 My new drink improved my thinking and concentrate on regular tasks. This was another great change from my coffee-consuming days, when I sometimes had "brain fog" after drinking.  


 2. Green tea helped me think better.

I have many gastrointestinal difficulties. Many foods and drinks mess with my intestines. Coffee has always been a trigger, even if I like it. For good reason, green tea calmed my stomach and digestive ailments  


 3. It calmed my stomach.

Jackie Kennedy observed, "Pearls are always appropriate," and that applies to nails. Self-adhesive pearls brighten dark surfaces, especially when combined with gold foil.  


 4. It can help with weight loss.

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