After Nick Chubb’s injury, the Browns are being urged to re-sign a $12 million running back.

The NFL community and the Cleveland Browns fan base were shocked by the injury to standout running back Nick Chubb.  

Unquestionably, Chubb improved the offense of the Browns, and his ability to break tackles, gain yardage,  

plus score touchdowns made him an indispensable member of the squad. Any NFL club that loses a player this talented to injury always faces a difficult situation.

Professional football is unfortunately rife with injuries, and clubs need to be ready to adjust when important players are out  

In this instance, the Browns' running game—which has been the foundation of their offensive strategy—leave a big gap in Chubb's absence.  

Former Pro Bowl running back Kareem Hunt has already shown that he is a crucial member of the Browns team.   

The team's faith in his ability is evident in their decision to give him a $12 million contract extension  

Hunt is a potent alternative to help replace the vacuum left by Chubb's injury because of his versatility and explosiveness.  

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