After the impeachment acquittal, Texas AG Ken Paxton is out for retribution  

Ken Paxton smiled as he joined the campaign tour last week.  

The Texas Republican attorney general campaigned and endorsed more than a dozen candidates on the ballot in this week's primary election  

beaming in images he tweeted from Collin County, Denton County, Grayson County, and Tarrant County.  

Most are newcomers to the Republican Party because Paxton,   

the legally troubled but popular statewide politician, isn't looking to support his party's incumbents: Paxton is out for vengeance.  

"It's time for a whole new slate in Collin County," he said in one post, beside a photo of himself and five Republican candidates vying to replace incumbents.   

Two of them are running in the same race—his tweet advises voters choose one—but they all have one thing in common in their primaries: they did not vote to impeach the attorney general last year.  

Paxton was impeached on corruption accusations by the Texas state House in May, with 60 votes from his own party, but the Texas state Senate acquitted him in September and reinstated him.  

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