After watching Outlander, superfan's 'life plan changed' and she came to Scotland.

Despite being set and produced in Scotland, Outlander is a global phenomenon that unites fans from all over the world. 

Devoted viewers of the critically acclaimed Starz series frequently visit the several conventions devoted to the time-travel thriller throughout the globe and also make up the large number of members in the numerous social media groups.  

However, one fan claimed that after seeing the show on the small screen and falling in love with Scotland, the program actually altered her life, leading her to uproot her life and relocate there.  

Hailey Beaupre, a superfan, made the decision to leave her previous life in the United States and board a plane to Scotland.  

Last year, she talked to the Scottish Daily Express about how much she loved the show and how it helped her get over a personal tragedy.  

The 23-year-old's mother first got her interested in Outlander, and she ended up binge-watching the show all night, barely getting two hours of sleep before her math final.  

Later that month, Hailey made travel plans to Scotland and arranged to join Highlander Tours for an Outlander day trip, when she met Andy, the man who would later become her mentor and adoptive father.  

However, the vacation truly enthralled Hailey, a Connecticut native, and upon her return to the US, she made the decision to completely alter her life's trajectory and get a tattoo honoring her favorite show.  

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