Alternative Perfumes Elizabeth Olsen Wears

Getting ready is one of the nicest parts of going out and enjoying yourself. Choosing costumes, 

makeup looks, and even the last touch of perfume just before leaving the house all have a particular joy to them.   

Although perfume is a must-have for finishing off an ensemble, some people may discover that it causes their allergies to flare up or become more sensitive.   

Conventional or spray-on perfumes might cause allergies or sensitivities, such as slight headaches,  

itching rashes, or nausea, according to Healthline. Elizabeth Olsen understands the dilemma of these fragrance sensitivity issues all too well. 

Elizabeth Olsen explained why she doesn't always wear classic scents in an interview with Harper's Bazaar.  

She told the magazine, "I'm not one for perfumes; they often give me [a] headache." However,   

Olsen does not stop wearing fragrances. Rather, she talked about how much she loved solid scents, with the Diptyque Paris Philosykos Solid Perfume being her top pick. 

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