Amid tensions with Russia, SpaceX to launch another astronaut crew

 Another crew of astronauts will be launched by SpaceX amidst tensions with Russia.

 As the International Space Station continues to lose air and has been doing so more frequently lately,,,

 SpaceX is preparing to launch its next crew of astronauts to the station, maybe as early as Saturday night.  

 Joel Montalbano, the manager of NASA's International Space Station program, stated during a briefing earlier this week that the leak had increased from one to two pounds every day.   

 The leak is in the Russian portion of the station, and it has been sealed off from the remainder of the football-field-sized facility by shutting a hatch in that section.  

 He declared, "The teams are watching it.  

 "We're collaborating on the following steps with our Russian colleagues.   

 Although it doesn't yet affect crew safety or vehicle operations, it's nevertheless something that everyone should be aware of.  

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