Are canned beers usually good for how long?  

Whether you're with friends or pampering yourself on Friday after a long week, drinking sensibly is OK.  

If you're hosting a party, you may feel tempted to stock up on beer, which might lead to overbuying.   

How long does canned beer last? Its lifespan depends on your perspective.  

Leaving an opened beer can in the fridge and returning it later makes it taste flat and flavorless.   

When a beer can is opened, carbon dioxide is released.   

Letting this carbon dioxide escape during fermentation degrades the beer's flavor and carbonation.  

For best flavor, drink an opened beer can within a day, refrigerated or not.Beers vary in quality.   

Beers with less alcohol lose quality faster than stronger beers, but they won't become harmful to consume.   

At room temperature, a stout can last nine months, while a pale ale just half that long.   

Many beers have varying brewing procedures, hop levels, and other characteristics, making it difficult to determine a quality end date.  

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