At 66, Denise Austin Demonstrates 'Quick,' 'Effective' Full-Body 'Toning' Workout

Denise Austin, a fitness professional, posts specific exercise videos on Instagram so frequently (see out her one on sexy arms, a raised booty, 

and toned abs) that it's difficult to keep up—and we want to, because each is so fantastic

Austin is back with another lively demonstration of head-to-toe (full-body) toning exercises that require no equipment.

The 66-year-old recently shared an Instagram video of "a quick eight-minute routine" that included a variety of exercises.

This workout includes a little cardio and then some head-to-toe toning…which is the perfect combination to blast fat!" 

Austin explained in the video's caption. "You can do this routine anywhere because there is no equipment involved."

"Hi, everyone! Welcome to your eight-minute fat blast—we'll do some cardio and body toning without weights," Austin says at the beginning of the video. "So let's get started!"

While standing on her yoga mat, Austin explains that the first step is to "get the body going" and warm up the muscles.

She starts with her legs spread wide apart, bouncing from side to side, rotating on the toes of one foot and punching her arms toward the side of the room she is facing. 

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