Bethenny Frankel confronts Travis Kelce's dad about troll comment: 'He used an insult instead' of 'intellect'

The Kelce grandfather lambasted the Bravolebrity for criticizing his son's liking of "the center of attention.  

After criticizing Travis Kelce's relationship with Taylor Swift, Bethenny Frankel is apologizing.  

According to Travis Kelce's father, Ed Kelce, Frankel is a "troll" on Facebook and dubbed his son a "peacock" who "loves to be the center of attention.  

Frankel clarified on Monday's Just B with Bethenny Frankel podcast that she wasn't criticizing the Kelce-Swift connection after the patriarch's remark.  

"Travis Kelce's dad called me a troll," she said. "I respect parents who defend their children, especially when asked.   

I wish he had voiced an opinion instead of just insulting, since we teach our kids that it's better to express oneself than to criticize.  

He used an insult instead of using his intellect,” Frankel said.   

"The Swifties can attack, but I'll protect myself. My Mount Rushmore of couples included them two.  They rule the planet.  

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