Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats are a simple and tasty way to get plenty of protein and fiber for breakfast. It is plant-based and has no sugar!

Oatmeal is an amazing breakfast option. They are quite adaptable -- you can microwave them, make overnight oats, muesli, or bake them into granola; the choices are limitless.

Not only that, but you may flavor them as you choose. Some of my favorite taste combos include Blueberry Orange, Purple Pear, and Banana Turmeric.

You can very much pick any fruit, spice, seed, or essence to make a delightful bowl of goodies for breakfast. If you're strange like me, try dessert.

I used to keep track of my macronutrient consumption to ensure that I was receiving enough protein to maintain my training routine. Back then, I was cautious about eating oatmeal because it lacks protein.

Don't get me wrong; oats DO contain protein. Fiber is actually more vital than protein. But I digress...

I began to think of inventive ways to eat oats for breakfast while receiving a good portion of protein. I tried plant-based protein powder, which worked fine, but I was tired of paying so much for a highly processed product when I could get protein naturally.

So I decided to utilize a highly secret ingredient that gives oats an excellent thick, creamy texture while also providing enough of protein.Do not panic. Tofu has very little flavor. 

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