Bob Marley's'subversive spirituality' continues to be underestimated  

Dean MacNeil could not eat.  

Couldn't sleep. He was on emotional autopilot because something had "tore a hole in the soul of my family and me."  

In the summer of 1991, MacNeil and his younger brother, Scott, took a road trip from Connecticut to Vermont.  

They went hiking, jet skiing, and spent much of their time listening to Scott's favorite performer, reggae great Bob Marley.  

A few weeks after the trip, a phone call arrived at midnight.  

Scott was killed in an automobile accident. He was a passenger in another teen's automobile when it crashed inreggae performance. MacNeil was heartbroken. to a tree. He was on his way back after a

He found solace, however, in Marley's songs. He began listening to Marley's songs again and realized something: Biblical passages were sprinkled like jewels throughout almost every one of them. 

The lyrics were not only allusions to the Bible, but extended biblical citations that encouraged the listener to think that no matter what type of "changes" and "rages" they were experiencing, they could "never be blue," as Marley declares in "Forever Loving 

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