Bridgerton fans want Season 3 to explore this relationship, not Polin and Peloise. 

There aren't enough parent-child interactions on the show.  

True fans of Bridgerton are aware that the popular Netflix series adheres to the narrative structure found in Julia Quinn's books of the same name, which serve as the show's inspiration.  

The focus of Season 1 is Daphne Bridgerton and her intense love affair with Duke Simon Basset.  

The second season centers on Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma's developing romance. 

But Season 3 will focus on Colin and Penelope Featherington's friendship-turned-love story instead of Benedict.  

Nevertheless, Bridgerton's admirers appear content with this minor departure from the norm.  

In addition, the public is thrilled to have a season devoted to Featherington after the shocking conclusion of Season 2. 

In which Penelope was revealed to be Lady Whistledown and fell out with her closest friend Eloise Bridgerton. 

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