Britney Spears 'will never return to the music industry'

If Britney Spears' fans were hoping for new music, their dreams may have just been shattered. 

On Wednesday, Spears resorted to Instagram to deny reports that she was working on a new record 

"Just to be clear, the majority of the news is garbage! They often saying that I'm going to record a new album with weird folks.  

I swear I'll never work in the music business again. Written by Spears. 

Spears claims that despite writing songs for other artists, she has continued to write new music. 

"I write for fun or for other people," Spears stated in her letter, revealing that she had ghostwritten more than 20 songs in the previous 24 months. 

Spears has declared in the past that she has no intention of returning. 

In her autobiography "The Woman In Me," Spears said that her time spent in conservatories had been "deadly" for her musical career. 

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