Calm: We can't expect the courts to hold Trump accountable before November. It is up to us.  

So, my fellow Americans, it is up to us to hold Donald Trump accountable at the vote box.  

We cannot rely on the judiciary before election day.  

This was meant to be the first week of Trump's Jan.  

6 trial, the first time a former president has faced criminal charges for his audacious attempt to reverse a US election and stay in office.  

A verdict may have been reached before November.  

However, there is no trial today in Washington, owing to the Republican-supermajority Supreme Court, one-third of whom are Trump appointees.   

The court's decision last week to spend months debating Trump's bogus claim of absolute immunity from criminal charges would most certainly postpone the Jan.  

6 trial until November 5, making a result before then extremely impossible.  

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