Can bright green 'super powders' really make you healthy?

 Super green supplement companies say a spoonful of their miracle powder mixed with water improves health. 

 Numerous claims include better hair and nails, greater vitality, and less bloating. 

 Pre and probiotics, antioxidants, and vitamins are included on the clean, green packaging.  

 However, scientists told the BBC there are cheaper and easier ways to receive these minerals.  

 NHS dietician Tamsin Hill discovered them through targeted social media advertising and investigated their services due to her employment. 

 Her research focused on Athletic Greens, the market leader worth £945m ($1.2bn),,,

 which claims its superfood powder AG1 boosts energy, clears complexion, and reduces cravings.  

 "I looked on the back of the packet at the ingredients and thought they weren't likely to improve your health in a significant way," she told BBC.  

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