Can you identify the various bat in the picture in 10 seconds? 

The visual system within visual perception is the source of optical illusion, also referred to as visual illusion. 

Their experience of seeing is different from reality, which is what makes them unique. 

Optical illusion, to put it simply, is a type of illusion in which our eyes are unable to perceive the scene or image clearly. We are easily tricked or misled by the scene or appearance. 

We are readily tricked or misled by optical illusions when we view a scene or image through our eyes. 

People enjoy investigating additional optical illusions because they are somewhat challenging.

People are usually curious about optical illusions. Investigating optical illusion increases people's curiosity and interest while also enhancing their ability to see by improving brain and eye efficiency.

To give their minds more useful jobs to do, people were searching the internet for Optical Illusion.

The Observation Skills Test is one such task. In ten seconds, can you identify which bat in the image is different? 

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