Carly Pearce Denies Maren Morris Feud Rumours: 'Stop Making Something Out of Nothing!'  

Beyoncé may have topped the Billboard Hot 100 for a second week with "Texas Hold 'Em," but that's not the only big story in country music this week.  

Following the launch of a new collaboration between Carly Pearce and Ryan Hurd, the "Hummingbird" singer took to X (previously Twitter) to address rumours of a conflict with Maren Morris.  

Fans first speculated that Pearce and Hurd's duet would feature on one of the two country stars' future albums.  

The idea that the two are collaborating at all irritated several fans, especially since Pearce would be working with Morris' ex-husband.   

Morris and Hurd married in 2018, had a son in 2020, and were divorced in October 2023.  

To add fuel to the fire, some fans claim Pearce unfollowed Morris on Instagram shortly after the release of "The Tree," one of two melancholy songs she released late last year to mark her retirement from the country music scene.  

Despite the rumours, Pearce soon cleared up any alleged feud between the two performers.   

"Since I have seen this all over, I figured I would respond," she commented on X. "Ryan [Hurd] has been a buddy of mine for more than 10 years.   

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