Chargers News: Tuli Tuipulotu to Take on New Role  

Despite the Los Angeles Chargers' total defence ranked fifth-last in 2023, the squad had some outstanding young players, like Tuli Tuipulotu.

With a new administration that includes defensive coordinator Jesse Minter, who was fantastic at Michigan, it will be interesting to see how Tuipulotu will be used.   

Minter seemed to be pleased to work with the second-year NFL linebacker, and he discussed what he's seen on tape of Minter.  

I believe last year we were watching a squad that had some crossover film with USC.   

The interesting thing about him is that in college, he was moved all over the place — off the ball, up on the perimeter, and even out in space for a short time.   

You look at how he played his freshman year, and I felt he stepped in and performed admirably for a rookie.   

He didn't seem or feel like a rookie as you watched him. He plays with the intensity and physicality that we expect from our players."  

Tuipulotu, as Minter mentioned, was a bright spot on the Chargers defence during his rookie season.   

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