Distinctive Boy Names Starting With B and Their Meanings 

Belinda: With various origins, possibly meaning "beautiful one" in Italian or referencing "serpent" or "linden tree" in Old German. 

Bella: Short for Isabella, translating to "beautiful" in several Latin-rooted languages. 

Belle: Simply "beautiful" in French, reminiscent of beloved Disney heroines. 

Becky: A variant of Rebecca, meaning "to tie firmly," with other forms like Bex and Becca. 

Beatrix: From Latin roots, meaning both "traveler" and "blessed," with ties to the famous Peter Rabbit. 

Beatrice: Signifying "bringer of happiness," often shortened to Bea. 

Barbara: Derived from Greek, meaning "foreigner," with the option for the playful nickname Barbie. 

Babette: Meaning "God is my oath," with the nickname Babs. 

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