Cherished Charms: Eight Captivating Baby Names Starting with C 

CalebMeaning: "Faithful" or "devotion," symbolizing loyalty and strength of character. 

ClaraMeaning: "Bright" or "clear," evoking clarity, intelligence, and purity. 

CameronMeaning: "Crooked nose," representing resilience and uniqueness. 

CelesteMeaning: "Heavenly" or "of the sky," embodying grace and celestial beauty. 

CyrusMeaning: "Sun" or "throne," symbolizing power, leadership, and brightness. 

CassandraMeaning: "Shining upon men," representing wisdom, foresight, and strength. 

CallumMeaning: "Dove," symbolizing peace, purity, and innocence. 

CoraMeaning: "Maiden," representing purity, innocence, and timeless beauty. 

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