Chicken Leg Quarters Baked

The flavor of baked chicken leg quarters is strong, with crispy skin and juicy meat. 

This savory-sweet spice blend tastes toasty and warm, and it works well with a variety of chicken pieces.  

It is much easier for the spice mixture to flavor the flesh and not just the skin when you rub it in between the skin and the meat.  

The chicken leg quarters have perfectly juicy meat and crispy skin when baked at 400°F.  

Don't omit the step of drying the skin before seasoning; it will assist make the skin crispier.  

After the chicken is roasted, remove the skin if you choose not to have it. To keep the chicken wet during baking, it is ideal to leave it on the meat. 

Additionally, chicken leg quarters are typically among the cheapest cuts found in the grocery store.  

Because the leg quarter is composed of both a chicken drumstick and a thigh, each dish has more meat. If you would want smaller pieces of chicken, you can always split the pieces either before or after baking.  

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