Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes on NFL heritage, Super Bowl streaks 

Entering the 2023 season, Patrick Mahomes has a lot to be concerned about.  

When he calls his signals and protection packages, he needs to make sure his offensive linemen are on the same page.  

He needs to ensure that the routes his new wide receivers are taking are right. 

Additionally, he needs to be aware of any defensive adjustments that the opposition may make.  

His legacy is the one thing that he isn't overly worried about.  

"I think everybody thinks about legacy and how they’re remembered, but you have to think about that at the same time, valuing every day and how you can become better, how you can really maximize every single day," he stated on the "AP Pro Football Podcast" on Wednesday.  

"And you have no regrets when your career is over. I have always emphasized that. " 

The success of that day is not important. It's about finishing your career with no regrets.

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