Chris Stapleton writes on a Perfect Date Night with Wife that it has electricity. 

Chris Stapleton was merely an aspiring musician working at a publishing business before he became the face of country music. That was in the year 2003.  

He has since put out multiple albums and won a plethora of accolades, 

including eight Grammys and fourteen nominations from the Country Music Association. 

Stapleton was falling in love with singer-songwriter Morgane Stapleton in 2003, the woman who would eventually become his wife. 

It appears that making music together was the ideal date night, as they reminisce about their developing romance.  

Chris and Morgane look to be inseparable after getting married in 2007.  

In addition to helping out with the music and providing her spouse with backup vocals, Morgane and her husband have five children together.  

Speaking to Cowboys & Indians Magazine, Chris talked about their memorable date evenings and the love they had before deciding to be married.  

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