Classic Cocktails You Should Learn to Make  

Yes, there are hundreds of classic cocktails. However, few possess actual staying power. Those that do are drinks that are just as popular today as they were a century or two ago.   

Not only that, but they frequently serve as the basis for dozens of riffs, thus familiarising yourself with the originals is a smart idea.  

Rather than confining ourselves to just the top ten traditional cocktails, we've expanded the list to a full two dozen.  

Nonetheless, this is far from a full list; rather, it serves as a starting point for researching the classics  

These classic beverages are sure to include both old and new favourites.  

Everyone has different preferences, but whether you prefer gin, tequila, or rye whisky, the beverages described below are universally appealing.   

These are the classic cocktails that any self-proclaimed cocktail enthusiast should be familiar with. Each of them has its own ideal time and location.  

Nobody knows who made this cocktail or where it came from. Despite its enigmatic origins, it was most likely created around the 1880s as a blend of rye whisky, sweet vermouth, and aromatic bitters.  

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