Clippers to rebrand for the 2024–2025 campaign

The Clippers revealed Monday morning that they will change their look in the Intuit Dome next season.

After 40 years in Los Angeles, the team revealed a new logo, clothing, and court to build a new identity.  

The makeover follows fan surveys by outside experts, according to ESPN's Zach Lowe.   

Team officials considered everything, including a name change, but Lowe was met with “outright hostility.”  

“The focus groups are advisory, not definitive,” owner Steve Ballmer stated.  

However, I still listen to them and was surprised to learn that a name change is not desired.   

I considered [the name] years ago before I joined the team, but we had similar reactions.  

”The Clippers will replace their dull logo with a giant “C” with a ship inside it, a reference to San Diego's clipper ships, which inspired the team's moniker when it moved there in 1978.  

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