Companies Were Big on CBD. Not Anymore

 It is not worth the work to market items that contain the substance that is produced from cannabis because,,,

 there is no federal legislation concerning the matter and there is a jumble of state regulations. 

 At the Westside Market, a deli located in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, there are a few glass bottles of Vybes that,,,

 are positioned specifically below rows of energy and kombucha drinks.  

 CBD, which is more widely known as cannabidiol, is used in the production of the beverage,,,

 which is available in a variety of tastes such as strawberry lavender and blood orange lime.  

 But because there are no federal standards and a jumble of state regulations, it is hard for a national retailer like Target or Walmart to distribute Vybes.  

 This is because of the lack of federal rules. According to Jonathan Eppers, who left the IT industry in 2018 .

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