Coon Rapids foreclosure property has dozens of abandoned cats for new owner. 

A man helping flip a house was involved in a big rescue mission.  

 In Coon Rapids' 3800 block of 122nd Avenue Northwest, nearly 80 cats were crowded and filthy in a foreclosed property.  

"I've had some rough flipping but nothing like this," Matt Lennander remarked.  

 A housekeeper told handyman Matt Lennander about cats inside the foreclosed home while he was flipping it.

 “They were literally coming out of the woodwork,” Lennander added.  

 The search yielded 78 cats. Some died at home. The sickest were taken by Coon Rapids police  

 And the rest are with rescuers who saw Lennander's social media post.   

 “The outpour of community help has just been insane,” said SNAP'T founder Sonja Larson. 


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