Cyberattack Paralyzes the Largest U.S. Health Care Payment System

 Financial instability spread from large hospitals to single-doctor practices after the ,,,

 cyberattack took down the nation's largest health care payment system. 

 Ohio urgent care chains may have to stop paying rent and other expenditures to cover salaries.   

 A Florida cancer facility is scrambling to raise funds for chemotherapy to avoid delaying patient treatments.  

 In Pennsylvania, a primary care doctor is cutting spending and pooling her money, including her bank account, to survive for two months.  

 After a cyberattack two weeks ago crippled the largest U.S. billing and payment system,,,

 medical care providers, from huge hospital networks to small clinics, are facing a severe cash strain.  

 Hundreds, if not thousands, of providers were unable to obtain insurance approval or payment for services ranging from drug.

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