Dessert Cookies with Lemon Flavor 

 Bake lemon shortbread cookies year-round to enjoy fresh citrus.  

Infused with lemon zest and juice.

 these springtime biscuits deliver buttery brightness with every bite.  

  With its rich and delicate texture, this cookie pairs well with afternoon tea and makes a lovely Easter dessert  

 With strawberry lemonade before the egg hunt. Even on a rainy spring day, these biscuits remind you of colorful blossoms.  

Without chilling lemon shortbread dough before baking, what happens

 Chilling the dough before baking is essential for these cookies. Refrigerating dough solidifies butter, making shortbread soft and crumbly  

 As with a flaky pie crust, the butter should not melt before baking the cookies.


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