Dolly Parton's Skillet Cornbread's Secret Ingredient

As many of us do as we welcome in the new year, our wish is for good fortune and prosperity. 

In reality, many cultures follow some rather fascinating New Year's superstitions in an attempt to attract some of that good luck, which increases one's chances of getting such benefits. (This year, did anyone consume twelve grapes at midnight?) 

Some New Year's customs in the South center on consuming particular foods—collard greens and black-eyed peas, in particular—for good fortune. 

However, cornbread is an equally important component of the dinner that isn't talked about as much. 

I did eat a hearty dinner of collard greens, black-eyed peas, and cornbread to ring in the New Year, and it encouraged me to keep looking into why they were the traditional foods to bring good fortune. 

The black-eyed peas attract coins, the collard greens draw folding money, and the cornbread—well, the cornbread attracts the gold—is the explanation. 

Nothing compares to food prepared by the icon herself, Dolly Parton, whether you believe in luck or are just hoping for a wonderful lunch.  

And the possibility of the year is made even sweeter when it's a recipe for some classic Southern skillet cornbread.  

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