‘Dune 2’ Jolts Box Office With Mighty $81.5 Million Debut

Big sandworms are propelling “Dune: Part Two” to the top of box office statistics. 

The big-budget sequel directed by Denis Villeneuve grossed $81.5 million in its domestic opening, a much-needed boost for ailing theaters  

This year's greatest opening weekend is the largest since Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" ($93 million) in October.  

 “This is an outstanding opening for a science-fiction [sequel],” adds Franchise Entertainment Research's David A. Gross.  

Audiences connect with these vulnerable personalities.  

 “Dune 2” has a 94% Rotten Tomatoes and “A” CinemaScore, and it appears to have exceeded expectations and broadened its popularity beyond sci-fi fans  

 Warner Bros., which adapted Frank Herbert's famous 1965 novel, conservatively estimated a $65 million opening for the weekend...

 but most box office prognosticators predicted sales beyond $80 million.  

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